Cancer causes of prostate

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The causes of prostate cancer are unknown.  Instead of Cancer causes of prostate,  most studies today are focused on how the cancer cell grows and what contributing factors are related to the growth.  Genetics, testosterone, age, diet and heredity are the main contributing factors.  

Genetic flaws are not only found for causing prostate cancer but many of the other cancers as well.  Genetic flaws have been found to inhibit an enzyme that protects the body from cancer causing agents in the environment.  

Testosterone has been found to feed the growth of the prostate cancer in several studies and researchers are finding ways to lower the testosterone levels.  This will eliminate the ability for the cancer cells to feed and grow.  Another factor in Cancer causes of prostate  is age related.  It has been found that men over the age of 50 are at a higher risk of prostate cancer and this increases each year after that.  The reason found is because of biochemical reactions that contribute to the cell growth.

A lot of men eat a diet high in animal fat and cancer causes of prostate may be linked to this habit.  This is especially important because animal fats have been linked to many other cancer causing studies.  You may want to ask yourself if you are consuming too much meat.  Fat has been found in abundant amounts in beef, bacon and pork as well as processed meats used for sandwich making.  

It is important to note that fruits and vegetables, especially tomato based products work as barriers to stop prostate cell growth.  In many cases heredity is linked as well to the cause of prostate cancer.  If your father or older brother has had prostate cancer then you may be at a greater risk.  It is always recommended that a diet high in fiber will decrease your risk of many diseases not only cancer.

 A few studies have shown that men who have had a vasectomy may increase the risk of prostate cancer however most do not support this finding so beware.  Please read some of the articles found on this site and others, to increase your knowledge on the cancer causes of prostate.  With today’s technology, prostate cancer is treatable if found early enough.  Good luck and keep in mind knowledge and action is the key.

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